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BOHO Courtyard

Capacity 50 ppl

Our most popular space. The BOHO is a  Joshua Tree inspired outdoor and private area with a cantilever roof, breezeway walls, and intimate lighting. Best use for any event, at any time.

Coffee Shoppe


Capacity 40 ppl

Attached to the FireHouse Gastro Park, the Coffee Shoppe boasts a charming and retro atmosphere with antique elements. Best use for corporate meetings and intimate family gatherings.

Green Lawn


Capacity 200 ppl

Our largest shaded area. The Green (artificial) Lawn hosts a music stage, portal bar, and a massive shaded structure. Best use for any event that requires open and modular space.



Capacity 100 ppl

Located directly behind the Green Lawn, the Marfa emulates the desert environment of Marfa, Texas. Best use for events with pets, outdoor games, or as an add-on to the Green Lawn

Entire Venue


Capacity 400 ppl

Take over 20k square feet for your wedding and reception, corporate retreat, or birthday bash! Transform the FireHouse into the perfect venue for your event.

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